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About Us

The Anti Agency Agency was founded by Taylor Offer and Parker Burr. In the past 3 years, while running FEAT Socks, Offer and Burr hired (and fired) over 5 different agencies. Agencies would promise the world and not deliver. Instead of relying on agencies, the duo took matters into their own hands. They were quickly able to scale their own company into over $10M in revenue and made the Forbes 30 under 30 list for Ecommerce. After being invited to speak at Ecommerce conferences around the world, and tons of inbound request, they started their own agency. If you are looking for an agency full of people who have never been in the front line of battle, this isn't for you. If you are looking for people who are in the trenches everyday, and can actually understand your business, shoot us an email.

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What We Do



You could build your brand with "professionals" who "studied marketing" in college or you can do it with people who have built a strong brand with over 250k followers and consulted and help build brands over 1M followers. We have been featured in NY Times, Forbes, and Entrepreneur for our brand building techniques

Digital Acquistion

We've spent millions of dollars on marketing with a positive ROI. We will scale your digital marketing efforts to bring in a ton of new customers at a positive Return on Invesement.

Social Media Campaigns

Without spending a dollar upfront with influencers/celebrities, we have brought in millions of dollars of revenue and gained 100's of millions of impressions. We have a powerful network of the biggest influencers, athletes, celebrities in the world and can help you partner with the right one for your brand

Conversion Optimization

When you are driving millions of people to your website, every .01% increase in conversion matters. We will use proprietary strategies and constantly A/B test creative, copy, landing pages and imagery until we optimize conversions

Email Funnels

Email should drive about 20% of your total revenue. We will set up complex, automated email flows to automatically trigger when a customer is most likely to buy. After A/B testing different subject lines, time of send, content, call to action and creative, we will optimize the revenue email can generate

Fill out your information below if you want the opportunity to work with us. During our discovery call we will decide if it makes sense for us to work together, we have a limited number of clients we can take on and will only take on clients where we have the potential to make a huge positive imapct with

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Fill out the form to get in touch with us so you don't have to spend 7 years and millions of dollars to learn the same things we did.

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